Why Outsourcing Chat Support Can Boost Your Sales

Why Outsourcing Chat Support Can Boost Your Sales.

Many people don’t realize this, but an outsourcing partner can be a bigger revenue generator than an in-house option. And outsourcing chat support is no different. Live chat is an integral and increasingly popular channel for communicating with customers. In fact, 77% of consumers reported they would rather chat online when looking at a website than make a phone call when they have a question. And to top it off, nearly 40% of those consumers said they would rather not buy than pick up a phone!

Any online shopping experience today depends solely on immediacy and 24-hour access. This is where an outsourcing partner comes in handy. Instead of you having to pay a team to work around the clock, provide training, and risk paying overtime, a live chat outsourcing provider can help answer your customers’ questions around the clock and help you capture more sales opportunities. 

What Is Outsourcing Chat Support?

Live chat support outsourcing is a “business strategy that professional sales and customer service teams use to outsource their website customer service inquiries to outside vendors in real-time.” They function as instant messages with incoming queries from customers who need information about the products or services listed on the website. 

As we mentioned before, live chat is one of the fastest-growing and preferred customer technologies. When implemented correctly, it can help businesses scale leads, sales, and profit while also helping build customer relationships and raising the brand’s communication standards. And in today’s fast-paced online world, an email answer within 24-48 hours isn’t going to cut it anymore. Customers expect the brands to be able to answer any questions at any given hour of the day. This is where live chat comes in as an advantageous tool. 

Live Chat Support Advantages

Below are a couple of the main advantages a live chat solution can provide. 

It Can Provide A Competitive Edge

Availability is key. If your business has live chat communication available 24/7 and your competitors don’t, then you have an amazing advantage. Your business is the one that is available for any potential customer, which can help increase your lead generation and sales. 

It Can Help Increase Conversions

We already mentioned that customers would rather NOT make a purchase than pick up a phone. Communication is shifting towards a text-based, immediate experience. This experience is led by the live chat agents, who can work by addressing customer questions or pain points and providing immediate solutions. The best part is that the solutions offered are also potential purchases! The human factor that takes place here can work as an add-on to your sales strategy that can convince hesitant customers to make a purchase, increasing your site’s conversions.

It Can Strengthen Brand Reputation

Live chat is a new channel where you can communicate your brand’s message, boosting your reputation. If you pride yourself on putting your customers first, then live chat is one of the places where you can reinforce this. If you value your product’s reliability, then live chat can help strengthen that message directly to your consumers. 

It Can Create A High-Quality Customer Experience

Customer loyalty is not something to take for granted. A brand’s reputation isn’t the only factor here. If implemented correctly, live chat solutions can help your customers feel heard and valued. A high-quality customer experience can help increase brand loyalty, raise conversions, and improve the relationship with your customers.

It’s Cost-Effective

“When it comes to high customer support volumes and when the products sold or services provided are not too complicated. In situations like this, outsourcing chat personnel can potentially be a cheaper and a more efficient option than increasing the number of in-house customer support agents.”

Live chat support outsourcing is a more cost-effective way to handle immediate communication with your clients. There is no training required, which means you won’t waste money training new agents whenever there is a turnover. The solution is scalable and adapts to your business’s needs – whether you need only a couple of agents or a full solution of professionals that work around the clock. Outsourcing agents are already trained in sales conversations, which means that you won’t have to work from scratch with a new person in-house. And finally – paying for an all-inclusive solution is cheaper than hiring individuals to work in-house. 

Outsourcing Chat Support: Why Choose iCall Services

There are plenty of outsourcing companies in the world. But there is no one like iCall Services when live chat support is concerned. Here are a few of the reasons why choosing iCall services for your live chat support outsourcing is the best choice you can make:

  • It helps reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Our agents are support experts that work as your brand ambassadors
  • Our responses are prompt, friendly, and professional
  • We help enhance your brand image
  • We help build higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • We provide faster customer service
  • We improve first-call resolution rates
  • We help increase revenue and profits
  • We help reduce long waiting queues
  • We help resolve complex inquiries
  • And finally, we help increase revenue and profits


A live chat outsourcing solution can be a great asset to any business. It’s a cost-effective way to help boost conversions, reduce abandonment rates, and help increase overall revenue and profits. At iCall Services, we adjust to your business’s requirements to help provide a competitive advantage that also generates a better customer experience for your clients. We’ll help you reach potential customers at any moment your business deems necessary with a scalable solution that adapts to your brand’s message and seasonalities. With us, you’re not just getting live chat support. You get an outsourcing partner.  

Our promise is simple: as your live chat support outsourcing partner, we’ll help grow your business by building customer loyalty and increasing your revenue. We have experience in over 13 industries, focusing on always delivering the best results for your business. Every client is important to us, which is why our approach is personalized, flexible, and scalable depending on your business needs. Learn more about our customized approach or request a quote today

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