11 Ways to Deliver Better Customer Service

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Excellent customer service is getting what you want when you want it. It means not having to wait too long or too short of a period. Customers aren’t looking for perfection; they are looking for consistency.

We discovered that many people understand this but don’t know how to apply it. That is why we compiled a list of tips to help you go from good to great customer service.

What is excellent customer service?

To fully understand excellent customer service, let’s first look at what customer service is. It is the process of assisting and advising customers on any questions or issues they may have with a product or service. It is the root of sales and separates companies from one another. If you have lousy customer service, people won’t want to support you, which is why you should strive for greatness. 

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That means that excellent customer service delivers the best service you can to every consumer you speak with. It not only makes customers happy but entices them to revisit your store. 

11 Ways to deliver better customer service

Now that you know what it is let’s dive a little deeper into how you can deliver better customer service with time.

Be well acquainted with your services or products  

If you sell a product, it will help to be well-versed in its purpose and how it can benefit the consumer. For example, if you are selling earbuds, make sure you know about their frequency range and sensitivity ratings.

When a customer comes in with questions, give them all the information they need. Do not keep any part of your service or products’ data from them. It is also important to view every customer as an individual when they come in for a purchase or ask a question; each has different needs and requests.

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Be transparent when discussing prices with customers. Customers will feel more comfortable with their purchases if they know exactly where their money is going and what services or goods they purchase. It will also help you upsell your products or services, as you can show the added benefits of buying more expensive items.

Always be friendly

Always be friendly when conversing with customers. Customers don’t enjoy feeling like they are talking to a robot or an uptight business owner; they want the best service possible in an acceptable time frame. Even if you’re having a bad day, it is still crucial that your customer never knows about it.

At iCall services, we ensure that each support officer is friendly and sounds cheerful when speaking to a customer. A good tip for this is smiling; whether over the phone or in person, smiling will automatically lift your mood and make you sound friendlier. 

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Deliver excellent solutions 

Customers want answers to their problems, and they want them immediately. Whether that means getting a replacement product or offering a different solution to the problem, the customer will always know that you are there for them.

That doesn’t mean you need to know the answer to everything the customer asks you, but be ready with a plan. In simple terms, it means you must be willing to help. For example, at iCall Services, there might be a question that we cannot answer, but we can find the answer for the client. It’s about learning how to show them you want to help, even when you are not able to at that moment.

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Help your customer to understand the solution

If you give a customer a solution to their problem, they may not understand the full extent of what you are saying. It’s best to explain it to them in detail and, without making them feel bad, have them repeat the process or solution to you. It is something that can save them from having to make another call, even if it takes a few seconds of your time. 

Be a good listener

Businesses need to listen to their customers. They may not always be correct, but they know what they want better than anyone else. So, make sure your ears are open, and you’re listening with all your attention at every moment during a consumer’s visit or call.

Being a good listener is also about how you act when listening to them. Customers want to feel like they matter and one way to make them feel like they matter is by making good eye contact. Customers will feel more comfortable coming back if they can tell that you understand what they want and why, so never underestimate the power of looking someone in the eyes while talking with them. 

Making eye contact isn’t possible for those using a mobile device, but finding a focus point is. Don’t look around while speaking to the customer; find a place to look and stare at it. It will allow you to listen instead of having to divide your attention between your ears and your eyes. 

Always deliver on promises

If you promise your customers that they will receive their solution within the week, you need to make sure you deliver. Customers know that businesses can’t always be truthful. Maybe it rains too much and ruins the harvest, or perhaps there was an accident on the road, which causes deliveries will take longer than usual. Whatever the reason is, it must not interfere with fulfilling what you promised.

A great way to avoid being caught in such a situation is to overcompensate on timing. Tell the customer it will take three days if you know something will arrive in two days. Don’t make the difference too much, but try to buy yourself some time. Customers will be upset initially, but they will be more upset if the due date arrives and you do not deliver. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy finding out that something that should have taken a week only took two days? No one.

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Be honest with your customers

One way to gain customer loyalty is by being honest with them even when it might hurt. It may mean telling them about a sale at another business to get them in the door or letting them know that their problem has no solution to offer just yet. Sometimes honesty hurts, but if you do not tell them about something like this, they will feel betrayed when they find out themselves.

Timing is everything

Our modern society lacks patience; thus, the timing of your service is critical. For example, if you are at a restaurant, you do not want to receive your meal after everyone else has finished theirs. So, consistently deliver solutions, services, and products as fast as possible.

At iCall Services, we strive to find fast solutions to the client’s issues to be sure that they receive a fantastic service at all times. 

Ask for feedback

You have probably heard the saying that “the customer is always right.” While this may not be true all of the time, it is essential to ask for feedback from your customers. They will tell you if they think something needs to be changed or what you could do better next time; thus, never offend them when asking.

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Build a relationship with your customers

Relationships with customers are vital to making sure they will keep coming back. People like seeing the same faces repeatedly, especially if they understand them and care about their problems. So, learn as much as you can about each of your customers so that you can build a relationship where they know you care.

Know Your Customer

Follow up later

Whether your customer solved the problem or you helped them resolve it, make sure you follow up with them later to make sure everything is okay. They might have tried to solve the issue but were unsuccessful; therefore, they will feel that there is no point in asking for help if they cannot be successful on their own.

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Final note

If you follow all of these steps, you should see increased retention and what customers are willing to spend money on your business. There is nothing more important than customer service because this is how people learn about your business and spread the word about it. If you build yourself a solid foundation with excellent customer service, then your business can thrive. Here at iCall Service, we strive for perfect customer service. If you want to know more about what we do, visit our website. For more information about customer service, visit the rest of our blog.

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