Brand Training

We speak your brand like we own it.

iCall Services cares about your brand as much as you do—and we encourage our agents to think of themselves as an extension of you and your brand. Our team is enthusiastic and committed to leaving your customers with a positive impression that is genuine and contagious!

We developed our brand training initiatives around the brand personality you have established. We immerse our agents in all aspects of your company, products, solutions and familiarize ourselves with your company’s associated benefits and competitive advantages. We do this because the more our agents know about how your brand would respond in different situations, the more natural and fluent they can be in speaking as your brand during customer interactions.

Our in-depth training program and detailed quality assurance processes ensure we deliver excellent service that matches your brand’s voice and company values. We also foster customer loyalty and improve our success with up-sell and cross-sells because we know what’s important to your customers.

A customer care looking at the camera while working.
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KPI Management

We manage performance to meet expectations.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for effective program management in any contact center. They define your expectations for service levels and provide insights that can help identify areas of weakness before they materialize into problems. 

As your outsourcing partner, iCall Services can help you correlate KPI reports to actionable information that you can use throughout your organization.

Some of the most common (and vital) KPIs include:

  • Number of Contacts Offered
  • Number of Contacts Handled
  • Percent to Forecast
  • Average Handle Time
  • Average Hold Time
  • Average Wrap Time
  • Service Level
  • Agent Utilization
  • Abandon Rate
  • Quality

Quality Assurance

Your success is our success.

iCall’s client services team works hand-in-hand with you to continuously improve the services we provide to your customers. Whether it’s client-specific-inspecting to ensure agent effectiveness or auditing the efficiency of current systems and processes using the Six Sigma fundamentals, we tackle opportunities with passion.

Leveraging these fundamentals helps:

  • Define: Who are your customers, and what are their priorities?
  • Measure: How are the current systems and processes performing?
  • Analyze: Are there opportunities to improve recent performance, and how easy is it?
  • Improve: What are these opportunities, and let’s work together to get things done.
  • Control: What tools can we utilize to gauge effectiveness, and how do we monitor for consistency?
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Tracking and analysis is a systematic process at iCall Services.

While quality assurance can ensure customers receive a certain level of service, quality can be elusive to measure because everyone interprets it differently. That’s why tracking and analysis is a systematic process at iCall Services. We work with you to implement a brand quality assurance program that is:



We deliver the data you need, when and how you need it.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports are essential components of a contact center as they are used to determine key performance indices (KPIs) and track the performance of the business. At iCall Services, our reports monitor metrics and KPIs that measure the success of your programs and enable tactics to be continuously refined.

We deliver the data you need, when and how you need it, via your channel of preference. Our reports will help you understand, fine tune and optimize your program to improve efficiencies and the customer experience.

Why Outsource?

Cost Savings

Outsourcing eliminates the significant costs associated with facilities, equipment, operations, and staffing. You’ll pay only for the services you use, either on a transactional or per-hour basis.

Flexibility / Scalability

 Fluctuating call volume in an in-house call center can result in either idle personnel or long hold times. In an outsourced environment, call volume spikes can be quickly addressed to accommodate seasonal activity or specific campaigns.

Industry Expertise

 iCall’s executive management team has decades of experience across a variety of industries. We draw from this experience to provide our clients with valuable insights and strategies designed to improve efficiencies and results.

Dedicated Call Managers

Our agents are rigorously coached on how to quickly adapt to different call scenarios and present themselves as expert call managers. Their ability to seamlessly represent your brand across any channel leads to improved customer experiences.

Deep Bench of Talent

Outsource service providers compete to attract the best managers and support staff while in-house centers are often ‘home grown’ from within. Outsourcers also attract and retain specialists in workforce planning, quality assurance, technology support, and training.

Cost Management

iCall Services has the knowledge and tools to monitor and measure costs. We share this information with our clients to help them evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and overall operations.

Data Collection

We capture call data that can provide insight into how to improve your processes. Our experience with multiple clients – coupled with the right technology and analysis platforms – allows us to help you unlock actionable information from raw call data.

Quality Control

iCall will work closely with you to establish the right SLAs for your program based on your business objectives. We have a variety of monitoring tools and performance assessment/improvement plans in place to ensure SLAs are met.


We make continuous investments in multichannel customer contact center technology to keep ourselves – and our clients – as competitive as possible.

24/7/365 Service

iCall is here for you and your customers around the clock.  Whether you need our support full-time, after-hours or to handle your overflow, we can customize a solution that suits your needs perfectly.