Customer Care

Building strong customer connections, one call at a time

Whether you rely on an outsourced call center partner for 100% of your customer care needs or are looking for overflow support during peak seasons, iCall’s customer care outsourcing service is here to help. 

We know that customer service is the backbone of any successful business. That’s why our team prioritizes ensuring every interaction with your customers leaves them feeling like they’ve been taken care of and appreciated. We also take pride in knowing how much this matters because having happy clients improves lifetime value and strengthens bonds between brands, which increases branding ROI.

With iCall Services as your outsourced customer support partner, you’ll also receive campaign-based feedback to help identify customer pain points—and ways to mitigate them—which ultimately leads to cost savings in the form of lower operating costs.

A businesswoman in a call center office.
A contact center outsourcing agent busy working.

What’s Included

  • Our agents act as an extension of your business to provide answers to customer questions, assist with orders, and process requests.
  • iCall agents receive extensive training on your industry, products, and services to ensure excellent customer care
  • We mirror your brand personality in every interaction with customers.
  • iCall Services can deliver an outsource customer support solution designed to help you increase customer lifetime value and improve retention rates
  • Outsourcing customer service with iCall is a competitive advantage for your organization.
  • As an outsourced customer care partner, iCall ensures every customer receives accurate, prompt, and friendly attention.

Customer Care

What to Expect?

A small graphic showing customer care.

At iCall Services, we manage your brand as our own.

A small graphic showing someone doing customer support.

We effectively and efficiently handle contact center support service challenges with passion.

An image of lightbulb to represent the expertise iCall Services offers.

Your organization can leverage iCall’s resource depth, flexibility, and process expertise, for an improved solution for your end customers.

An image of a sound mixer representing the customized approach iCall Services offers.

A customized approach to each client to ensure their solution meets the targeted needs.

Our Process

How It Works?

Step 1
A sales rep will review your requirements and document them.
Step 2
The sales rep then reviews internally with iCall leadership and provides a subsequent proposal to your company within 24-48 hours.
Step 3
Upon acceptance, iCall will provide a services agreement.
Step 4
Upon signing the contract, an implementation plan will be drafted by iCall, and we will schedule a kick-off call.
Step 5
During the call, iCall will review the work, set a timeline, and assign a program manager.
Step 6
Post-implementation, iCall’s leadership team will ensure the successful transition.
Step 7
Client program manager will continue to manage the relationship.