Back Office Support

Solutions to simplify your life

iCall Services offers various cost-effective back-office outsourcing services. Outsourcing non-core services such as routine administrative tasks allow you to exchange high fixed costs and management drain of in-house back-office support with a flexible approach that saves money and headaches. If there’s a particular back-office support service you’re interested in outsourcing, feel free to ask us—we’re here to help.

Among some of the back-office support services we manage for iCall clients:

  • Desktop Faxing and Email Handling
  • Data Entry Services
  • 3rd Party Verification & Audits
  • Scanning Services
  • White Mail Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Fulfillment
  • Consulting—Six Sigma call center optimization
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What’s Included

  • When you employ iCalls back-office outsourcing service, you can expect a cost reduction for your company. We take the costs of maintaining and starting your back-office support operations. 
  • You can focus on the core business by outsourcing your back-office support and leaving it up to iCall Services. 
  • Our agents are well trained and fluent in English, and by outsourcing back-office support, you gain access to these agents. 
  • There is no need to buy expensive technology for your back-office tasks; iCall already has all the best tech.  
  • With back-office support outsourcing, your organization will reduce overheads by needing less office space, less equipment, and more. 

Customer Care

What to Expect?

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At iCall Services, we manage your brand as our own.

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We effectively and efficiently handle contact center support service challenges with passion.

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Your organization can leverage iCall’s resource depth, flexibility, and process expertise, for an improved solution for your end customers.

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A customized approach to each client to ensure their solution meets the targeted needs.

Our Process

How It Works?

Step 1
A sales rep will review your requirements and document them.
Step 2
The sales rep then reviews internally with iCall leadership and provides a subsequent proposal to your company within 24-48 hours.
Step 3
Upon acceptance, iCall will provide a services agreement.
Step 4
Upon signing the contract, an implementation plan will be drafted by iCall, and we will schedule a kick-off call.
Step 5
During the call, iCall will review the work, set a timeline, and assign a program manager.
Step 6
Post-implementation, iCall’s leadership team will ensure the successful transition.
Step 7
Client program manager will continue to manage the relationship.