How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner For Your Business

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Finding the right outsourcing partner for your business can be more complicated than a picky eater choosing what they want for dinner. But on a more serious note, choosing an outsourcing provider can be a difficult challenge for any company, especially if you’re planning to outsource your contact center. So, how to choose the right outsourcing partner for your business? What aspects of their business (and yours) do you need to check in order to find the perfect match? Read on to find our best tips!

What Is An Outsourcing Partner?

“Outsourcing is a blessing for businesses in today’s dynamic markets. As businesses look to scale or expand through outsourcing, it is critical to choose an outsourcing partner that helps to yield the best dividends possible.”

Shahid Mansuri, Owner at Peerbits

According to Stephanie Overby, a contributor to and CIO magazine, “outsourcing is a business practice in which services or job functions are farmed out to a third party.” There are a lot of advantages of outsourcing certain areas of your business (including customer service), which can include lower costs, increased revenue, a customized approach, and a specialized workforce. It’s a cheaper option than building an in-house team, because when you outsource you don’t have to pay for wages, training, and other costs – you just pay for the third-party service and get it all in one go. It’s also an option that provides service experts at the drop of a hat, ready for your business to take advantage of their knowledge and prowess.

How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner 

We’ve already discussed a couple of the advantages when choosing an outsourcing provider. But that’s the easy part. When it comes to finding and choosing the right partner, things can get a little more complicated. Below, you’ll find our list with the best tips to find the right outsourcing partner for you. 

Define The Scope

To have a successful outsourcing partnership, you must first establish and define the scope of work. What is expected of your outsourcing provider? What are your company’s KPIs and how can outsourcing help achieve them? All of this must be previously discussed so your outsourcing partner can work towards your goals as if they were their own.

Check Their Credentials

“Outsourcing partners must have a benchmark of quality service. They should support your business’ mission and values. If necessary, ask for their KPIs and quality assurance measures. Assess whether they are sufficient to meet your requirements.”

Sheryl Jones, Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers

If you want to know how to choose the right outsourcing partner, first you need to check their credentials and validate their expertise. Are they trained professionals? Will they adapt to your company’s values? If you’re hiring a contact center outsourcing provider, will the agents work as if they were your very own employees? Review this beforehand to find the best match regarding expertise and professionalism.

Analyze Their Technology

Avoid hampering your business’s results due to an outsourcing partner’s lack of resources. Get a full scope of their design systems, processes, technology to leverage, and resources available. Also, don’t forget to review if all of the above meet the latest industry standards necessary to keep your business booming.

Examine Their Expertise

Investigate how long the company has been in business, how many employees it currently has at its disposal, if they have other offices or branches (both domestic and international), and if their expertise matches your expectations. According to Bydrec, you should always check the experience and credibility of a potential third-party service provider by looking over their “testimonials, quotes, case studies, ratings, and reviews.” Asking for references or contacting previous customers is also a great way to ensure that the outsourcing provider has the experience and know-how your company needs. 

Review Their Agility

In today’s day and age, a business that isn’t able to adapt to the shifting market is a business that dies. This applies to your outsourcing partner as well. So a key on how to choose the right outsourcing partner for you will rely on their scalability and ability to adapt to your business’s peak times and busy seasons. As you can see, a flexible partner is key. If they don’t have the infrastructure for this, then they’re off the table. 

Keep The Budget Clear

“If you expect superior services from an outsourcing partner, then you must also know that superior services often cost higher than the average. Before approaching an outsourcing partner, you need to figure out and finalize how much money you are willing to invest in your project and communicate clearly about your budget with the selected outsourcing partner.”

Shahid Mansuri, Owner at Peerbits

Good outsourcing services don’t come cheap. That being said, be sure that you have a clear idea of the budget you have at your disposal before looking for a third-party service provider. This will help you weed out the list of potential outsourcing providers, leaving you with the best options possible. Also, once you find the right outsourcing partner for your project, make sure that your budget is crystal clear for both parties. This will help avoid confusion and extra fees down the line. 


When it comes to how to choose the right outsourcing partner for your business, there are many factors to consider. At iCall Services, we adjust to your business’s contact center requirements. You define the scope and the KPIs, while we focus on providing a dedicated service with a flexible approach. our team of specialists will be immersed only in your business, effectively becoming your brand ambassadors. Our promise is simple: as your call center partner, we’ll help grow your business by building customer loyalty and increasing your revenue. We have experience in over 13 industries, focusing on always delivering the best results for your business. Every client is important to us, which is why our approach is personalized, flexible, and scalable depending on your business needs. Learn more about our customized approach or request a quote today

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