Dedicated Service

Dedicated Service – With a dedicated service model, you have a specialized team that is focused solely on your program. Every detail – from recruiting, hiring and training to quality control, scheduling, and front-line management – is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Among the benefits of a dedicated service model:

    • Specialists: Because dedicated agents are immersed only in your business, they become your brand ambassadors, acting as an extension of your internal operations, marketing and sales teams. They understand your brand messaging, culture, customers, products, policies and systems and use their knowledge to facilitate every customer interaction.


  • Consistent Customer Experiences: Our dedicated agents are adept at mastering your systems which allows them to assist customers more efficiently and with a natural ease that results in increased customer satisfaction.

Shared Services

Shared Services – If your program’s call volume is not high enough to support a team of dedicated contact center specialists, a shared customer support model may prove a viable solution. With shared agents, you have a scalable team ready to take, or make, your calls. Primary benefits of a shared customer support model include:

    • 24/7/365 Coverage: Shared agents handle your calls on an as-needed basis, 24/7/365, while you enjoy knowing your program is always adequately staffed.
    • Cost Effectiveness: With a shared model, you pay only for the service you actually use – you never pay for idle time.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model – If your program is complicated and requires a significant amount of training, but call volume is relatively low, consider our cost-effective mixed Dedicated/Shared model. With this setup, you have a dedicated group of representatives who form your core team. When additional support is needed, a group shared agents who have been trained on your program will be brought into play. Advantages of this model include:

    • Scalability: Rapidly adapts to increases in call volume. With this model you ensure the services of a core support team that are backed by additional shared resources as needed.
  • Depth: Depending on your needs and your call volume variances, you’re covered having a large pool of agents available to assist your callers.

Why Outsource?

1.Cost Savings. Outsourcing eliminates the significant costs associated with facilities, equipment, operations, and staffing. You’ll pay only for the services you use, either on a transactional or per-hour basis.
2.Flexibility / Scalability. Fluctuating call volume in an in-house call center can result in either idle personnel or long hold times. In an outsourced environment, call volume spikes can be quickly addressed to accommodate seasonal activity or specific campaigns.
3.Industry Expertise. iCall’s executive management team has decades of experience across a variety of industries. We draw from this experience to provide our clients with valuable insights and strategies designed to improve efficiencies and results.
4.Dedicated Call Managers. Our agents are rigorously coached on how to quickly adapt to different call scenarios and present themselves as expert call managers. Their ability to seamlessly represent your brand across any channel leads to improved customer experiences.
5.Deep Bench of Talent. Outsource service providers compete to attract the best managers and support staff while in-house centers are often ‘home grown’ from within. Outsourcers also attract and retain specialists in workforce planning, quality assurance, technology support, and training.
6.Cost Management. iCall Services has the knowledge and tools to monitor and measure costs. We share this information with our clients to help them evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and overall operations.
7.Data Collection. We capture call data that can provide insight into how to improve your processes. Our experience with multiple clients – coupled with the right technology and analysis platforms – allows us to help you unlock actionable information from raw call data.
8.Quality Control. iCall will work closely with you to establish the right SLAs for your program based on your business objectives. We have a variety of monitoring tools and performance assessment/improvement plans in place to ensure SLAs are met.
9.Technology. We make continuous investments in multichannel customer contact center technology to keep ourselves – and our clients – as competitive as possible.
10.24/7/365 Service. iCall is here for you and your customers around the clock.  Whether you need our support full-time, after-hours or to handle your overflow, we can customize a solution that suits your needs perfectly.

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